Merry Christmas & Happy New 2018 Year…

Wanted to wish everyone Merry Christmas and Happy New Years for 2018!

Wish to all of the best in their life – reach your goals, live out your dreams and dont be afraid to venture into unknown…

Stay safe and remember, common sense is how we got where we are now, rest can be a learned skill.

If you lack the outdoor overland / 4×4 / off-road skill, feel free to get in touch with me and see how I can help you out!

Nikson Overland Training and Consulting services are open to anyone who is willing to learn.
For any information on classes and rates – feel free to contact me directly by any social media way!

Let it snow – Nikson

Awesome snow video as usual…


Wish all joy & happiness!!!

Christmas 2017 snow trip with Camping Oregon

Had a wonderful opportunity to go out and do some training and exploring into the wild winter of Oregon’s Cascades. We have found beautiful white forest covered with all that great white stuff. Join us in the adventure, follow the link to an episode on Youtube channel, share the experience from the comfort of your

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