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Ever felt unsure when you are out and about?!
Want to feel more confident when you are exploring the backcountry?
Questions like what if, when, who come up everytime you tell your loved ones you are going out alone?!

Well, while I might not be able to solve all of your problems, I belive I can help with most of the worries!!!

I offer one-on-one classes, as well as small group courses in the backcountry just near by in the area where we can enjoy the outdoors, learn few tricks and traits, and just talk about what makes us uncomfortable – solve the issue together, so you feel more confident!

My motto is simple – I would rather help 1,000,000 times, than be helped once!

I’m here to share anything and everything that I know about 4×4 and overland lifestyles.

Book your class now!

Price varies with time and group size, schedule pending!
Classes can be scheduled any day/time fitting your schedule with 2 weeks notice in advance to prevent any schedule overlaps.

Classes are offered on all levels (beginner to expert)

Topics of your choice: basic off-road driving, using 4×4, winching, gear & accessory, modification and parts selection, tires and options, winter driving techniques in deep snow, recovery, camping and overland gear, basic survival tools/kit, navigation, etc.

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